Fixing a Flat Tire

In today’s rapidly moving world, you are usually determined to never let anything get in your way of getting from point A to point B. Whether it’s traffic, time constraints and, of course, car trouble, including a flat tire, we’re always looking for ways to bypass the challenges of life.

When it comes to tire problems, products such as Slime and Fix A Flat have garnered attraction as a “quick fix,” by allowing a tire to be patched without swapping it for a spare. While the solution has gained popularity over the years, the reaction from manufacturers have been mixed.

Fixing a flat tire

While quick fix approaches can be used to varying degrees of success in auto repairs, the reason you should avoid quick fix flat tire fixes has to do with the way the products seal the inside of the tires.

Since both Fix a Flat and Slime seriously gunk up the interior of tires, while the products might appear to help initially, when you go to the tire shop for a permanent fix, they will be unable to implement a solid solution.  In some rare cases tire employees have been injured when repairing tires patched with these chemicals — so please tell them if you did use something like Fix a Flat.

Rather, the only option becomes a replacement of the tire since the chemicals can be difficult to clean. While some shops may attempt to clean the tire, others may not which is why it is best to use a traditional spare when possible.

Additionally, some tire manufacturers and dealers will not honor warranty claims for customers who use Slime and Fix a Flat due to various concerns over the impact of the chemicals on the tire. Although many consumers have had success with tire sealing products, when in doubt it is best to check with your tire and car manufacturers before adding those quick fix tools to your roadside emergency kit.

How to plug a tire

When going to a reputable tire shop to repair your tires the biggest thing to keep in mind is that plugging a tire is never a permanent fix, with that being said many customers can get many more miles on a tire when a plug is done properly. A proper repair procedure requires the tire expert to dismount the tire, do a full inspection of the structure and then a patch is attached from the inside to ensure it lasts for the life of a tire.

A simple solution to fixing a flat tire

Since dealing with flat tires can be a pain, rather than taking a chance on damaging your tires, sometimes subscribing to a roadside assistance service can give you piece of mind without breaking the bank.  If you in Valdosta feel free to stop into Z-Tire Express on Bemiss Road and we would be happy to check your vehicles tires out for any potential problems, its free!

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